Why regular home air duct maintenance is so important



Without the network of air ducts inside your home, your HVAC system is practically useless. Unobstructed airflow is vital if your system is to work as it should. Clean, unobstructed ducts enable it to efficiently regulate the temperature within your home, providing you with the optimum level of comfort you desire.


Over months and years, however, these air ducts do fall victim to the buildup of debris, dust, and other particles that continually pass through the ductwork. That’s why it’s so important to remember to perform periodic maintenance on the air ducts.


Here are some of the benefits you get when your air ducts are regularly kept clean.


Promotes good health inside your home

When the interior of your home is clean, people are healthier and less prone to sickness. The same applies when it comes to keeping a well-maintained duct system. Because the ducts don’t have buildups of dust, allergens, pollutants, and perhaps even mold, the air that passes through them won’t carry this nasty stuff into your rooms.


With the spread of the Covid virus in the outside environment, many people are now more conscious of the quality of the air inside their homes. And for good reason, as most of us are now spending a lot more time inside our homes. If the air inside is not clean, it could impact on our health and well-being. Constantly living in a space with polluted air can, in addition, lead to a variety of other respiratory issues.


Extends HVAC system lifespan

HVAC systems cost thousands of dollars to replace, depending on the size of the system. Some larger systems can go for five digits, including installation costs. That said, keeping the HVAC system in tip-top condition is of utmost importance. One way to do this is to keep the ductwork clean.


The same way that dust, particles, and contaminants can affect our health, they can also affect the longevity of your home’s HVAC system. Debris can lodge in vital components of the system, causing damage or contributing to their break down. You can prevent this by regularly performing maintenance on the ductwork.


Leads to efficiency and cost savings

The name of the game these days is energy efficiency. From installing solar panels to making use of more natural lighting, homes could always use another layer of energy efficiency. Keeping air ducts clean also helps you achieve this. Smoother airflow means the system never works harder than it should, and thus won’t be drawing more power than necessary. This means that it won’t require more air to circulate in order to achieve your preferred temperature levels. This bring major savings in utility costs over the long run.


The next step to securing a clean and healthy home environment

Each home has a unique setup, and the conditions within each property vary depending on location, climate, and the particular HVAC system installed, among other factors. Once you’ve done an assessment of your home and decide that it’s time for your ducts to get a proper cleaning, contact EnviroGreen Cleaning & Restoration right away.


Our pros will show you how you can improve the air quality in your home and help keep you and your family safe and healthy. The advice of experienced professionals, with the right set of skills and tools, will ensure that your ducts are clean and good as new!


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