When should you get your air ducts cleaned?



It’s important to know when something is amiss inside your home, especially when it’s something that is likely to affect your quality of life. One area that is quite often overlooked is the network of air ducts in your property. These enable your HVAC system to circulate the airflow around the various rooms of the house. If they are not allowing the air free passage, your system is going to be working inefficiently, resulting in poor service and costing you money in increased utility bills.


How do I know when to clean my airducts?

We’ve listed some of the instances where you might want to get your air ducts cleaned. These are based on when the timing is right or when it just makes sense to do so. Check them out below and see if any of these scenarios fit your household situation.


Rooms inside the house getting excessively dusty

When you notice dust starting to build up around the house more frequently than usual, it could be due to clogged air ducts. When the ducts have accumulated excessive dirt and debris, it starts depositing on household surfaces, and they need a proper cleaning. No one likes dusty surfaces. In addition to the nuisance of continually cleaning them, it is likely to affect people who have allergies and are sensitive to dust and other airborne particles.

The first step is to check and clean any filters that are user accessible, to see if this solves the problem. If this doesn’t help and your furniture surfaces keep accumulating dust, it is a sure sign that dirty ducts are probably the cause.


People starting to develop respiratory issues

Keeping safe and well is the main priority for everyone, and air quality plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy home. Without a wholesome clean air environment, a whole variety of health issues are likely to ensue, something nobody wants. Breathing in clean air is vital to allow your body to function optimally, and having dust and debris filled air ducts very definitely won’t help you in this regard.

To pre-empt this happening, make sure your air ducts are clear of the dirt and other particles that could affect the health of the people living in your home. Especially now that people are more conscious of the particles that we breathe in, it’s all the more reason to be careful. Clean ducts assist in keeping every corner of the house clean—even the ones that are hidden from plain sight.


Moving into a pre-owned house

In case you’re moving into a house that isn’t brand-new, you should inspect the air ducts. This is especially true if the house is already more than a few years old. The interiors may have been cleaned and everything seems pristine, but there’s still a chance that the interior of the ducts may be layered with unwanted dust, mold and possibly even breeding vermin.

The best time to do this is before you actually start moving into the house. Far better for the technicians to be able to work on those dirty ducts before your furniture and other stuff are already inside. It’ll save you the trouble of cleaning up everything after it’s done.


How long do ducts stay clean?

The nature of air ducts and the functions they perform makes it nearly impossible for them to stay pristine for long. Even after the most thorough cleaning dirt will start accumulating again. As this is a gradual process, the family may not even notice the deterioration in the air quality. So, it makes good sense to regularly schedule an inspection by experienced professionals. How often you do this depends on you, but don’t think twice about hiring pros for the job, as it requires expert knowledge and the use of proper tools and materials if you want it done right. Saving money on this often turns out to be false economy. A good company will give you a free quote for the required work, so call one and schedule an inspection. This way you can aim to keep your family healthy and your home clean and comfortable.


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