Why it’s important to have professionals take care of water damage in your home



Water damage is a nightmare every homeowner dreads. Not only is it a massive hassle to clear up the mess but long after the water has been drained there are often expensive residual problems to deal with.


Categories of water damage

Water damage can broadly be divided into two categories:

1.Clean water damage, resulting from overflows of household water. This is usually from burst pipes, leaky sinks and bathtubs, or faulty appliances.

2.Water damage that could pose health risks like flooding from an overflowing sewer line or a polluted external water supply.


Can repairs be done without professional help?

Because category 1 damage holds less health risks, it can often be mitigated by first turning off the water at source and starting a mop-up operation while waiting for professional help to arrive. If it is only a minor spill, you might even be able to get your home back in good condition on your own with a bit of DIY work. But most of the time, these issues may prove too complicated to deal with on your own.


That’s the time to call the pro’s in

With disastrous flooding caused by burst pipes, or sewage issues.

Action needs to be taken immediately to remove the filthy water and clean up properly. This can only by done by trained experts with the specialized tools and dedicated equipment for water damage removal and treatment, needed for this work. It’s obviously going to take more than just the usual household toolbox to do this. From water removal tools such as air scrubbers, fans and dehumidifiers, to restoration and repair equipment needed once all the water has been drained and dried out, you can be sure that these professionals are equipped with the proper tools for the task at hand.


Assessing and repairing the damage

In order to fully assess your home’s water damage issues, it takes the experience of highly accomplished professionals. So, it is essential that in these cases you immediately call in experts to determine the exact cause and the most expeditious way of removing the water and treating the premises.



Experience builds up over time. Professionals treat home after home, and the accumulated knowledge gained through years of work, enables them to pin-point the causes, and readily identify the most effective solutions for even the most complex water damage cases.


Skill set

At the end of the day, the whole process of removing water and repairing the affected structures involves a complicated range of tasks. Even the most accomplished DIYers simply don’t have the requisite skill sets or technical knowhow to complete the job adequately. When you turn to the professionals, however, you will have the services of highly experienced team of experts with all the skills required to execute any water damage repairs required.


What you need to do in the case of an emergency

Having to deal with water damage in your home is never a pleasant experience. However, you can call on the acknowledged Tri-State Area experts to quickly and efficiently get the job done for you. Don’t hesitate to call EnviroGreen Cleaning and Restoration for an immediate assessment of the work necessary to restore your home back to tip-top condition. For guaranteed results that will quickly solve and take care of all of your water damage problems, call us. We are ready and waiting to help you.


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