Signs and symptoms of dirty air ducts



Neglecting duct maintenance comes with consequences. It can be easy to forget cleaning out those ducts, but problems will start creeping into your home eventually. Not the least of these are those which affect people’s health such as allergies and respiratory issues.


Polluted air ducts

Since air ducts are mostly out of sight, homeowners might overlook checking up on them until problems are too big to fix. However, there are key signs that you can look out for to determine when your ducts are due for a thorough cleanup. These include:

  • Dust and debris filtering into your rooms
  • DustThe smell of mold coming out of air vents
  • DustPests getting inside even with your windows closed
  • DustUneven air flow across rooms


How unclean air ducts affect people’s health

How do unclean air ducts affect the health and well-being of people living in affected homes and buildings? Check out some of the situations that might arise due to dirty air ducts.

  • They detract from the quality of your living spaces. To ensure that your property remains comfortable, you need the interiors to be kept as clean as possible at all times. Dust free environments ensure that your family’s wellbeing will not be negatively compromised. In addition, it is a real pain to constantly be dusting off surfaces or sweeping clumps and debris from your floors.
  • Accumulating dust can also affect the longevity and functionality of your household appliances and other devices.
  • Over time, household members can develop health conditions and respiratory issues because of the allergens, pollutants, and other nasty stuff that can accumulate and pass through the dirty ductwork. If family members consistently experience allergic reactions and related respiratory symptoms, this is a sure sign that the ducts might need to be cleaned. Long-term exposure to these conditions can lead to more severe respiratory problems over time, something you definitely want to avoid.
  • When excessive deposits of dirt start accumulating in the ducts, insects, pests and even larger rodents can start breeding in them. You don’t want to add these to the other prospective health hazards that could ensue from air pollution.
  • Odors can develop in unclean ducts because of mold and mildew buildup. The unpleasant musty smells can become quite pronounced and affect the family’s comfort within the home. Aside from your own discomfort, it will also be a source of embarrassment when friends and guest come over to visit. And aside from the health risk, no one likes to come home to a house that plain smells bad.
  • Finally, the buildup of dust and debris can considerably affect the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Once this happens, the ventilation and cooling system will no longer be able to effectively control the environment within your home. This will not only impact on your comfort and health but will in addition result in greater wear and tear on the components of the HVAC system itself. Replacing a system is an expense that no one wants.


Promoting a safe and healthy home environment

Periodic duct cleaning is the key to ridding your home of any health issues that could arise due to unclean air ducts. It’s unfortunately an oft-neglected aspect of home maintenance, but it is a vital one that you don’t want to ignore.

Each home setup is unique, so it takes the experience of trained professionals to help you determine what maintenance needs to be done to your system. Ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit by calling in EnviroGreen Cleaning & Restoration for a free assessment and quote.

We’ll show you the most efficient and economical way to get the most comfort and benefit from your system, ensuring that your ducts are shiny clean and good as new!


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