The Process of Air Duct Cleaning



Having problems breathing at home lately? It could be for any number of reasons, but make sure it isn’t because of dirty air. To guarantee you have clean air at home, you need to keep your air ducts cleaned and well-maintained.

The specifics might vary depending on several factors, but the process usually follows the sequence we’ll outline below. Knowing how the process works will serve you well when you discuss your options with the air duct cleaning company.


Pinpointing the problem

The first step is to check the HVAC system. Before doing any work, it’s important to narrow down all possibilities and determine exactly where the problem lies. Other components aside from the air ducts could be causing the issue, so finding the root cause is important.

If you spot dirt around your air vents, that’s a sign the ducts could be full of dirt and debris. You can also check the quality of air coming out of the vents. If there’s a constant flow of visible particles, cleaning should probably be the next move.


Cleaning the ducts

Cleaning those debris-ridden ducts requires some pretty specialized tools and equipment. You can’t just enter the fray with your run-of-the-mill vacuum in hand. Depending on the severity of the dirt buildup, more specialized equipment is sure to be needed. Whatever is required, your professional company will have them all on hand.

The accumulated dirt and particles may first be loosened up with air whips and brushes. After that, high-efficiency particulate air vacuums are used to clear the debris from your ducts.

On occasion, the situation might also call for the cleaning of other components in the HVAC system. Discuss this with your contractor to see whether this might involve a separate fee. It’s always good to clarify this up front to avoid any issues when it’s time for payment.


Wrapping up the job

Once the cleaning is done, the whole system will be carefully checked to make sure that the HVAC system is working without a hitch. At the same time, the crew will check to make sure that the ducts are no longer delivering dirt and debris throughout your home.

If everything is in order, all components will be replaced, with all hatches and seals that were opened or taken out, correctly repositioned. Every screw and bolt will need to be restored. All the surrounding areas will also be checked in case anything was damaged inadvertently during the cleanup.


The bottom line

Clean air is a prerequisite for good health, and nowhere is this more important than in your home living environment. When your air ducts are clean, everyone at home can is assured of breathing pure healthy air.

If you’ve heard that clogged air ducts are not that big a problem to deal with, you may well be tempted to try a DIY job at cleaning them out yourself. However, the result may be that you are soon in over your head (pun intended!). The truth is that with as complex a system as your home HVAC, a lot of experience is needed to first determine what needs to be done. Then there are the specialized tools and equipment needed to get the task done.

With stuff like air flow and sanitation to consider, don’t leave anything to chance. Call an experienced and professional air duct cleaning service to ensure you get a proper and thorough job done. The bottom line is that with their knowledge and equipment, the pros will make short work of solving any problems with your home’s air ducts.


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