How air ducts get dirty and why they need to be cleaned professionally



Although you can’t see it, air ducts can, and do, fill with dirt, dust, and grime over time. These ducts are the passageways that your HVAC system uses to deliver air throughout your home. While they are designed to function reasonably well even with dirt clinging to their surfaces, eventually the dirt particles, allergens, and contaminants will start feeding into your home.


How do air ducts get dirty?

If you want to know how air ducts get clogged with all that gunk, you need to know a bit more about your home’s HVAC system works.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, the system that allows you to keep comfortable throughout the year, regulating the ambient temperature and quality of the air in your home. In order to achieve this, a controlled flow of suitably heated or cooled air has to continuously travel through the airducts from room to room, accessing all locations in the building.

Because your home is not a sealed unit, specks of dust, dirt, pollen and other similar particles are always present in the air. Over time these start depositing on the duct surfaces. With your system working day and night, imagine how much can accumulate in the ducts in a week, a month, or a year. Some estimates peg the amount at around 40 pounds annually.

Vent grills can keep the largest stuff out, and screens will also help, but dust and minute particles will still get into your living spaces. Allergens, mold spores, and other substances can also filter through, and these could cause health issues to the people living in the building. At some point, you will surely have to consider having those ducts cleaned to regain a pure air environment in the home.


Why air ducts should be cleaned professionally

Cleaning a whole complicated network of airways clogged by gunk is no easy task for the layman. Most households simply do not have the equipment needed to get into the HVAC system and easily clean out the ducts. Plus, you might just end up stirring up the gunk that’s clinging to the surfaces within the air ducts—and that’s bound to cause more issues.

Here are the main reasons why your best bet is to hire professionals to do the air duct cleaning:

  • They are trained to work within the HVAC system for proper cleaning
  • They are equipped with the necessary tools for the job. These tools include powerful vacuums, compressed air, and blowers
  • They have the experience and training to assess any issues and determine the optimal approach for cleaning the specific air duct setup in your home
  • In case additional purifiers or dryers are needed for your HVAC system, they can advise you and perform the installation as well


When it comes to HVAC cleaning, each job is unique, so for guaranteed results, it’s best to get your clogged air ducts cleaned by experienced professionals. That way, you’re assured of a thorough cleanup that will ensure unrestricted airflow and better quality of air blowing into your different living spaces. Having well-maintained air ducts in the home takes you a step closer to keeping the people inside your home healthier and free from illness.


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