The air ducts: arteries and veins of the HVAC system



In order for our blood to circulate properly, the body uses a network of veins and arteries. In a house’s HVAC system, that role is performed by the air ducts. They allow air to flow from one point to another, as required by the settings you have input into the controls.


How the air flow works

There are two types of air flow continuously blowing through the air ducts. The first flow is called supply air. This is clean air which is drawn from the outside and then funneled through the ducts into the different sections and rooms of your home. The other flow is called return air. This is the supply air which has completed its flow around the house and is then expelled to the outside air.

In the circulatory system, arteries are the blood vessels which carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heart to the body. Veins, on the other hand, are blood vessels that carry blood low in oxygen from the body back to the heart for reoxygenation.

In the same vein (pun intended), there are supply and return ducts that circulate the two different types of airflow within a home.

Apart from delivering the air supply to a particular location, the supply function also includes ventilation and air quality control. The push and pull of airflow additionally facilitate thermal control within the system.


Obstructed air ducts

If the air ducts are blocked, air flow within the home will be obstructed. We likened the air ducts to our circulatory system’s veins and arteries. When veins and arteries are clogged the body is at risk, and it is important to avoid this.

Similarly, the HVAC system can fail to do its job when the air ducts are blocked. This happens when dust, dirt particles and other debris has accumulated in the air ducts after many years of use. This is especially true in locations where the outside air quality is not that great, accelerating the buildup of particles in the air ducts.

When the duct interiors are dirty, air quality and indoor comfort will be adversely affected. In addition, this excessive buildup could also cause respiratory issues for those living in the house.


Cleaning the air ducts

While years may go by without the ducts being cleaned, it is a good idea to have them inspected from time to time. When it becomes necessary to have them cleaned, it’s not really meant to be a DIY job. The interior surfaces of the ducts are extensive, and it is quite a task to clean the whole system without the proper equipment.

Each cleaning job is unique and for the best results it’s best to get your clogged air ducts cleaned by experienced professionals. That way, you’re assured of an unrestricted airflow and better quality of air throughout the home. Air contamination in the home will also be prevented, and the HVAC system will function well again.


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